Making a Resin Pond Table Using a Layer Method

This course teaches you how to use multiple layers of resin to build up a 3D artwork in a unique way - by creating a resin pond on a table top, upcycling the table in the process.

Details of all the different stages are shown with many speeded up sections so you can see the entire process without wasting any time.

Hint and tips are given throughout.

This course is suitable for people wanting to try a creative upcycling project, or a little bit of modelling or having a go at the multiple-layer resin method for creating 3D art.

If you have never used resin before I recommend taking my "Wow-factor! Resin Coating an Artwork, for Beginners" course first, so you are confident mixing and pouring resin. It's free! - just click on the link above.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to pour resin in layers, painting on each one to create 3 dimensional water weeds and floating fins for your goldfish
  • How to design your pond
  • How to prepare, sand and paint your table
  • How to make clay goldfish
  • How to use acrylic skins to make lily pads and flowers
  • How to paint the table legs with a goldfish design to complement the pond top

Our Guarantee!

If you don't like this course please let us know what you don't like and we will refund you in full

This table was made by Lynne Campden after taking this course!

Lynne Campden says:

"Love this! I've created my own table - thank you for great instructions"

Kelly Paschal says:

"What a wonderful project! I absolutely love the idea and hope to muster the energy and confidence to create my own pond table sooner or later. I think it would be a great gift."

Edna Brennan says:

"Wow! What a stunning piece of work, what great tips and techniques especially how to create a three dimensional effect with acrylic paints. Very enjoyable, thank you."

Harmony G says:

"Absolutely wonderful. I love this project and this class will give me the tools and information I need to be able to create a table of my own using the techniques laid out in the videos."

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