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Wow-factor Resin Coating an Artwork, for Beginners

Learn how to use resin. The basics to get started on your rein art journey

Resin Coating an artwork

Glittering Geodes Online Course

Learn how to create fantastic glittering crystal artworks using resin

Resin Beach/Ocean Art Online Course

Learn how to create your own unique sea-scape pictures and guarantee lacy cells in your waves.

Awesome Astronomy Coasters Online Course

Learn how to create amazingly awesome astronomy pictures, using both real and fantasy astronomy images

Create a Resin Pond using a Layer Method, Online Course

Resin is uniquely suited to creating watery pictures and the layer method is one of the iconic techniques to master

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I really liked the ideas you give, thank you. I will use all of them.

The quality of the video and audio is great and the demo is clear and easy to understand


Alison is a very personable instructor. Fantastic information and tips for beginners. Thank-you!

Very nice, I was looking for a comprehensible short class to evaluate of that type of finish would be a good idea to finish some of my artwork. Lots of very useful information to make my decision. Thanks!

Elisabeth Doyon

"Alison is a wonderful teacher. She does a great job of explaining even the smallest of details so if you are new to this art form, you can understand exactly how she does it. She shows many different ways to lay the media down and it is a lot to take in for just one viewing. Alison makes it look easy and I have confidence I can obtain pleasing nebulas after seeing how she does it. I do intend on getting my supplies together and before making anything, I'll be rewatching the key parts of this class so that I can get similar effects. I have always admired space art, and honestly, I never would have figured out on my own this way of making it"